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Starting in 2016 I shot so many photos, it took two DVD's to hold them all! My goal has always been to provide the best quality images possible. Now I'm providing the photos on a USB key. You can print the photos, use them on social media, etc. The only restriction is FOR PROFIT use, ie, selling the photos. If you purchase multiple shows/discs, I will refund any shipping overpayment. Payments are processed via PayPal. Starting with the November 2016 Midwest Gladiator, I started offering the photos on an 8 gig USB key (USB stick, thumb-drive - whatever you want to call it). For only $4 more I'll make it a 16 gig key - you get the same photos, but a bigger key - a great deal if you need a 16 gig key!

After 12 years, I am no longer photographing the Illinois State or Gladiator shows. The may 6, 2017 Illinois State was the last show I photographed.

Buy one or buy them all!

By mail: Send a check for the total amount, plus $2.00 shipping. Make the check payable to Rick Drew and mail to: Rick Drew, 9923 S. Ridgeland Ave., Chicago Ridge, IL 60415

Online: Use my PayPal based Shopping Cart...

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May 6, 2017 Illinois State (Morning and evening)
(Now shipping)
What size USB Key?
November 5, 2016 Gladiator (Morning and evening)
Your choice - USB key or DVD's!
DVD's or USB Key?
May 7, 2016 Illinois State (Morning and evening - 2 discs!)   $50
May 9, 2015 Illinois State (Evening)   $50
November 2014 M.W. Ironman (Evening)   $40
May 2014 Illinois State (Evening)   $40
November 2013 M.W. Ironman (Evening)   $40
May 2013 Illinois State (Evening)   $40
May 2012 Illinois State (Evening)   $30
May 2011 Illinois State (Morning and evening)   $30
November 2010 M.W. Ironman (Morning and evening)   $30
May 2010 Illinois State (Morning and evening)   $20
May 2008 Illinois State (Morning and evening)   $20
November 2007 M.W. Ironman (Morning and evening)   $20
November 2006 M.W. Ironman (Morning and evening)   $20
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